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Our Import Process

4 Simple Steps

#1. The Choice is Yours

We start, of course, by discussing exactly what you are looking for. Once we know what make and model you want we can establish your budget. This helps us to know what grade and mileage we are realistically looking for. Then the search begins.

#2. All that Glitters is not Gold

Once we find a suitable car that ticks all the boxes we have the auction sheet translated so we know exactly what was reported and whether the vehicle has been through the auctions before to hopefully eliminate any problem cars. We have contacts at all the major auctions in Japan that know what they are looking for.

#3. Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner

When we find that perfect car that meets both yours and our standards we will bid up to the agreed budget on your behalf. If we are successful and win the auction the vehicle is de registered and booked on the next available ship to the UK.

#4. Special Delivery

Usually around 6 weeks after they set sail the car of your dreams will arrive here in the UK. We then make the necessary changes required for a fresh MOT and register it with the DVLA as a UK vehicle for you to enjoy.